The Serenity of the Desert


Desert Days was founded and built out of the joy of creation and the appreciation for hard labor.



Each mud cabin was constructed by hand with strictly natural materials (soil, hay, wood) according to ancient building techniques, one layer at a time, all while taking into deep consideration the local environment and its natural values.

Working with soil is nothing like construction with concrete, or any other industrialized material. Soil is forgiving and generous. Dry material can be “revived” and continue being sculpted. Each new layer adds to the old one, and the process of construction carries on.

The mud cabins at Desert Days, represent an outlook that approaches life slowly and considerately, putting the connection to Earth and immersion with nature before efficiency and utility. The experience offered in Desert Days is so raw it is almost biblical. The powerful desert and the longing for nature will take you through time and provide a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

see you in the desert

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