Mud cabins - land

A single soft and intimate space which includes a low-ceiling sitting area with a warm fireplace for the winter months. Compressed earth blocks divide the central space to create an additional sleeping area with a comfortable double bed, as well as a bathroom with a private shower. The villa is built out of thick cob walls which provide a cozy and pleasant environment. Each villa has an intimate yard with a sitting area, hammock, and a fire-pit supplied with firewood.

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
Ceiling fan Ceiling fan
Fully equipped kitchenette Fully equipped kitchenette
Coffee Spot Coffee Spot
Tree fireplace Tree fireplace
Shower Shower
Bonfire Bonfire

Price List

Holiday rates identical to weekend rates

Midweek price list (Minimum 2 nights)

450 NIS per night

Weekend/Holiday price list (Minimum 2 nights)

600 NIS per night

Single night

Sunday-Wednesday: 500 NIS | Weekends: 650 NIS

The villa is suitable for couples / families with 2 children (up to 14 years old). Supplements per night: Adult 100 NIS | Child (2-14) 65 NIS (additional mattresses supplied).

Dogs allowed during weekdays Sunday-Wednesday 

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